The Northern Pacific Project

In which I attempt to build a scale model railroad.

While setting goals for 2015, I decided that I would attempt to build a scale model railroad. I’ve been ‘armchairing’ for decades, and finally got tired of reading about other’s work. I don’t have some grand vision, but just want to be able to run trains for a little while after work.

Like a lot of boys, I had a train set, and my father even built a 5′ x 9′ train table, but nothing much happened with it. I retained my liking for things railroad, and the sound of a diesel horn will still have me looking trackside. Trains are cool, and you either get it or you don’t. Either way is fine, and this blog is obviously for the ‘get it’ group.

This is a blog about building a model railroad. Posts will be entirely concerned with. or closely related to, that subject. If you want to read my thoughts on anything else, you’re welcome to visit my Fixed Points blog. I started this project in January, so there will be a flurry of posts documenting progress to date, and then posts as work progresses.

All aboard!

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