Baseball Time

As  previously noted , major construction on the layout is done. Benchwork, track, and wiring are complete. Trains have been tested, and while I wouldn’t say the trackwork is bullet-proof, I’ve yet to see a derailment. I’m in the process of painting the track prior to ballasting, although I’m leaning toward putting basic ground texture down first. After all, that’s the way the prototype does it.

I’ve said in earlier posts that I’m treating the construction of this layout like a project. For me this gives focus and a sense of urgency. But when to find the time?

I’m a baseball fan, so the solution I’ve hit on is to schedule layout time coinciding with game broadcasts from the local team (Note: in the Northwest, local means a team 180 miles away). When the Mariner’s are home or playing on the West Coast, most games start around 1900. Get home, eat, turn on the game, work on the layout. I listen to games on the radio, so there’s no visual distraction. I’ll work on the layout during the game, and when the game is over, work stops. You can get a lot done during the 2 – 3 hours of a baseball game.


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