Staying Sterile

In the aviation world, ‘sterile’ is a term used to denote the time pilots shut themselves off from distractions to concentrate on flying the aircraft. Usually this occurs during takeoff and landing procedures.

I’ve recently become aware that a hobby magazine publishes in my virtual backyard, and it would be no great effort to meet with hobbyist and so improve my modeling. I’ve decided not to pursue this fruitful avenue. Not that I’m anti-social, but I have a reason for doing this

I want to establish a baseline. I want to do my first serious scale model railroad to the best of my ability. Yes, it’s not going to be all that good, but I will have a good gauge of what I can do, and what my interests within the hobby are. I absolutely plan on looking up other modelers for subsequent layouts, but I want to have a frame-of-reference.

Many argue that camaraderie is a motivating force in the hobby, and I won’t gainsay it.  I look forward to times spent talking trains and learning new techniques, but for now I’m content to do the best I can with the knowledge I have. With a base of experience, I can more intelligently discuss the intricacies of the hobby. So I’m going to do the hobby the way I see fit for the moment, and learn how do to it right later.

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