Coal Trestle Two

To finish up the coal trestle project, I had to weather it, put some coal down, and install the table trim. I decided to try the weathering chalk method, and bought some pastel sticks. I shaved the black one with a knife, and dry brushed the structure, pit walls, and floor. I figured it would be hard to overdo coal trestle weathering. After applying the powder, I masked the track and sealed the area with Dullcote.

Weathered coal trestle

As the layout is set in the warmer part of the year, I didn’t plan to have too much coal on the ground. The problem was how to get the coal between the bents. I hit on the idea of making a coal chute out of an index card. This allowed me to hold one end underneath the track and let the coal form a natural pile.

Coal chute

After securing the coal with wet water and diluted white glue, I installed the table trim. After the harbor is done, I’ll repaint the trim.

Completed coal trestle

A photo with flash to bring out some of the detail:

Completed coal trestle flash

For a first scratch building effort, I’m happy with the results. It was fun turning raw material into a finished structure, and I learned some new techniques. And it’s nice having an actual industry to switch.

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