Scalehouse Rock

As I develop the scrapyard scene, I had to have a scale and scale house/office building. Every scrap yard needs a scale and scale house so the workers will know the amount of scrap brought in, and can pay the provider accordingly. I didn’t have a specific prototype in mind; this was just a generic small structure that would do the job. Hockey game on the radio, time to get busy.

Scalehouse wallls and floor

The pieces of the scale house laid out. I used 0.040 styrene for the base, and 0.030 styrene for the body of the structure.

Scalehouse structure and tank

The idea was to build the basic structure from styrene, then use paper textures for the walls and roof. I was looking forward to trying some techniques I’ve had in mind. I put a slight slope in the roof so the rain that’s so much a part of the Northwest would have a place to drain.

I downloaded the Light Tar Paper  and Concrete Block textures from Clever Models, but the clapboard texture is my own work. I scaled the clapboard to 6″ in N-scale, which is maybe a bit wide, but this is a shack, so perhaps the builders weren’t too particular about neatness.

The oil tank is a white metal casting, and the package comes with two tanks and a couple of U-shaped brackets apiece for them. During construction a bracket flew off into the Land of Lost Parts, so I had to make alternative arrangements.

After the basic structure was completed, I faced the styrene with printed Clapboard using CA for bonding. The roof was faced with the Light Tar Paper texture. I ordered the window and door variety pack from Tichy Group, and used a door and window. I painted the door and window with green oil paint, but wasn’t too meticulous with the paint, because this is a shack in a down-at-the-heels scrapyard. I considered adding the vertical wood strips on the corners, but found this was more trouble than it was worth.

Every building requires a foundation, and I used the Concrete Block texture on the very bottom. For this application only a row of blocks is visible, and even if the viewer can’t discern the foundation, the brain would notice if it wasn’t there. A smoke jack completes the project.

Scalehouse structure and tank 2

I dusted the lower part of the building and oil tank with earth tones to suggest dirt splashed up by rain, and the rest of the building with black pastels to suggest exposure to locomotive smoke and general grime.

The scale is a piece of 0.040 styrene painted grey and the scale is delineated with an extra fine Sharpie. I removed the ground cover where the scale is placed to get it flush with the ground.

Scalehouse structure and tank in place 2

Scalehouse structure and tank in place 1

The scrap yard is coming along. This was an area I wasn’t sure what to do with, but it looks like another revenue-producing industry for the Northern Pacific.

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