Cheney Lumber Pt. 2

I decided to tackle the lumber storage/loading area next. From the photo, It doesn’t look like the concrete pads are at freight door height. I decided to cheat a bit and make the uncovered pad high enough to load boxcars. Construction was from 0.030 sheet styrene, and I had to buy some for one of the pads. I used Rustoleum Multicolor Texture paint for, um, texture, then Grey primer for color. Weathering was from earth-colored pastels. I added a scale 12 x 12 timber bumper to the front of the loading dock to allow for more leeway in positioning piece. CA bonded everything in place.



To ease the transition between the flat and raised pads, I used water putty to simulate a dirt road between them. During the process some putty got on the pads, but I like the effect of mud splashed up.


The space between the curve and spur is a log storage area. I textured the space with Woodland Scenics Earth, Grass, and Weed products. There’s a mixture of ballast and cinders on the tracks. The idea was to get the ‘ground’ level more-or-less even with the track level. I layered each application so it built up. I’m pretty happy with the way the tracks seem to disappear into the ground. There’s far more vegetation than would be found in a working yard, or in the prototype photo, but I think it will look good in the end.

I decided to make this corner of the layout into a millpond. There was no intent to put a water feature here, but I didn’t know what else to do with the space. From the prototype photo it’s not unreasonable to have a millpond in close proximity to the mill. After cutting away the foam I slathered the basin with water putty and painted with varying dilutions of India ink.


npp-sawmill-site-work-3 npp-sawmill-site-work-2

So the basic site work is in for this part of the project.

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