Portland Traction

In the vicinity of NW Vaughn St. and 26th Ave in Portland there’s an interesting collection of railroad equipment. It appears to be the maintenance shops for the Oregon Pacific Railroad, and while I’ve been by there a few times, I finally had time to stop and take some pictures.


Oregon Pacific SW-1 #100 is lettered for the Portland Traction Co., appears to be fresh out of the shop. There is a matching caboose.

portland-traction-loco-front portland-traction-loco-front-quarter portland-traction-loco-rear-quarter

Oregon Pacific 5100 is a former SP 70-ton loco that the OPR has painted in the original livery. The engine is normally located at the Oregon Rail Heritage center in Portland:


Samuels Pacific Industries is a GE 45 tonner stored operable with the second engine removed.


There’s a curve up a rather steep grade behind the shops, and some track reinforcement was required:


An electrical box on wheels:


The railroad is family-owned and has a rail-fan friendly reputation. If you’re in the area, check them out.




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