Raising Crane 3

Now was time to turn attention to the crane legs. I’d tried making patterns using drawing instruments and wasn’t happy. This time I fired up a drawing program and created scale templates.


I fiddled with the proportions until I got one that worked in the space.


I printed these on #110 card then glued the templates to the 0.030 styrene sheet. After carefully cutting out the templates, I used various sanding sticks to reach the final shape.

After shaping, I laid parallel lines for the stiffeners made of 0.010 x 0.030 strip, then cut 0.015 sheet 2mm wide for the gussets on the sides of the legs. I elected not to model the rivet plates that would normally be found where the structural members join. I’ll rely on N-scales ‘implied detail’ for that.


Attaching the legs to the platform. The construction lines were helpful in lining up the legs with the platform bottom.



The legs prior to bracing and painting. I wrapped the platform with painter’s tape for protection. This assembly got handled much more than I would have preferred, but the tape made a handy place to grab the model.


The complete platform assembly with the mechanical house on top. Bracing is 1.5 mm I-beam, while the ladder is from Gold Medal Products Industrial Ladders offering. Everything was painted Flat Red to simulate red lead primer, then Flat Light Aircraft Grey for the color coat. During assembly some of the color will rub off exposing the primer. This creates a bit of a weathered effect.

As built the crane is taller than the prototype, but I had to make the legs tall enough to clear freight cars. The prototype had a bit more lateral clearance. The crane will gauge flatcars and gondolas, but nothing else. This won’t be a problem operationally as only those types of cars need to be on that track, but operators will have to take care not to spot other cars past the crane tracks.

Man, this thing is turning into actual work. Next we’ll tackle the boom.


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