Raising Crane 5

The crane trolley was the last sub-assembly for the sawmill crane, and I expected it to be the least difficult. There isn’t a very clear image of the the trolley in the crane picture, so the construction is somewhat notional. I used images on the web for guidance.

After making some rough sketches to work out how the trolley would be assembled, I cut a rectangle of 0.030 styrene for the base and put a rectangular hole in the middle for the cable. A couple of lengths of 1.5 mm I-beam for the support beams, a piece of 0.080 styrene rod for the cable drum, and a couple of lengths of 1/16″ rod to represent the drive and winch motors complete the assembly. The winch drum could probably stand to be slightly larger in diameter, but the next size rod I had on hand was too big. Everything was fastened with CA.


For reference those are 1/2″ squares.

Not highly detailed, but once attached to the boom only the suggestion of components is necessary. After painting with Flat Red and Light Aircraft Grey, I used a black marker to color the winch. I used the same marker to simulate grease along the trolley track on the boom.

Attachment to the boom was with four pieces of 0.030 styrene cut to 3 mm x 6 mm rectangles and painted. I glued the supports on one side to the trolley, and after those dried I laid the boom on its side and glued the other two supports in place. A scrap piece of 0.030 styrene acted as a spacer between the trolley and the boom.

The major crane components:


Next is final assembly, detailing, and weathering.


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