The NPP Purchasing Dept. has been active recently.

Harbor Freight hobby saw

A hobby saw from Beijing Outlet  Harbor Freight. $40. I gave this a flyer because I needed a way to cut wood for the lumberyard, and $40. The saw is grossly underpowered and uses a non-standard blade. It’s like they had some parts laying around the factory and needed a way to get rid of them. It *will* cut thin stock if you’re patient, but the kerf is a mile wide. Nothing a new motor and blade won’t fix.

New freight cars 170605

A whole bunch of new cars, including seven Milwaukee Road boxcars. Tacoma was the Western terminus for the Milwaukee road, so I’ve wanted some representation for a while. The other boxcars and gondola are western roads while the flatcars and caboose are Northern Pacific. I needed another caboose because the layout will support two operators and a new engine is coming soon. Nothing’s going on the layout yet because of another purchase.

Weathering supplies 170605

A trip to the art store. As operations have become more active I’ve been more frustrated by my initial weathering efforts. They are better than nothing, but unattractive. I’ve read articles in the hobby press on the virtues of Pan Pastels, so I bought some in the usual weathering colors along with some applicators. I’m curious to see how this will go. I’ve got a batch of cars fresh off the layout interchange to start with.

The T-square has a metal blade so I’m hoping this will be a more accurate tool. The stripwood is 3/8″ basswood. I tried cutting balsa for the lumber yard stacks and it was disappointing. The denser basswood should yield better results.

Well. That should keep me busy for a while.


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