Just a guy who decided to build a scale model railroad. My main blog is here at Fixed Points. 


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  1. Radio Trains says:

    Thanks for your recent comment regarding DCC wiring on my YouTube channel, Radio Trains Plus. I’ve checked out your blog … very nice work. You asked for my feed back … here you go.

    You and I are at opposite ends of the wiring spectrum. As I viewed yours, my immediate thought was …overkill. For the size of your layout, one simple connection would have worked quite well. I know that all the experts mandate the approach you took, but my unorthodox system proves it is unnecessary for small layouts. Yes, they are quite right about wiring the massive, full room layouts featured in magazines, etc, … DCC will “fall off” after about a dozen feet causing deterioration in speeds and control. However, within 4 x 8 or smaller operations, one connection works quite well … even with my layout containing 4 main lines, 43 turnouts, a 14 track switch yard and 2 track powered reverse loops.

    But, with all of that said, you did it the “right way” and your layout should work very well. Good luck and thanks for viewing my videos!

    Radio Trains


    • bkivey says:


      Thanks for looking at the blog and commenting. You may well be correct in thinking I could do with fewer feeds, but my concern was with reliability given the relatively large number of turnouts I have on a layout of 10 square feet (14 and a diamond). I can say now that the railroad is operational, there have been no issues with electrical reliability. I’m in the hobby to have fun (so far succeeding). We do what works for us. All the best.


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