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Cheney Lumber Drying Shed 1

I’ve been working on the Cheney Lumber scene for the better part of a year, and the only major item left was the drying shed. The photo above is the image I’ve been working from, and gives a good view … Continue reading

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Trackwork and Scenery

As the car weathering is winding down, a few more projects on the Northern Pacific Project. Replacing a Turnout The point rails on the interchange turnout had become bent, and it was easier to replace the turnout than try and … Continue reading

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Scrapheap Challenge

The operating cycle called for a gondola spotted at Sanford Scrap for loading. Astute readers will note that a mill gondola would be an unlikely candidate for a scrap job, but that’s what I have, and the regular gons have … Continue reading

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A Look at Ops on the NPP

The layout after a recent operating session: The Mill Job has collected empties from the mills along Commencement Bay and is preparing to switch them onto the car ferry pier. It’s October, so the fuel dealer is getting the first … Continue reading

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Complete Electrified Milwaukee

When I lived in Seattle we’d go camping on the East side of the Cascades a few times a year. I-90 climbs the West slope of Snoqualmie Pass paralleling the old Milwaukee Road roadbed. I didn’t know what I was … Continue reading

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Loads and Steam

But not steaming loads. Work continues on fabricating loads for the open-top cars. Found this organizer at Jo-Ann’s Fabrics. The compartments are the right size to store log and coal loads for individual cars. The larger space holds a pair … Continue reading

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Activity on the NPP

After several months hiatus from the layout, there’s been some activity. Rolling Stock Weathering/Upgrades From the previous post you can see that having another go at weathering the fleet morphed into new flatcar decks. I figured that as I was … Continue reading

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