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The NPP Purchasing Dept. has been active recently. A hobby saw from Beijing Outlet  Harbor Freight. $40. I gave this a flyer because I needed a way to cut wood for the lumberyard, and $40. The saw is grossly underpowered and … Continue reading

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Trains Large and Small

I took a trip on Amtrak last week between Portland and Seattle. I’ll post on the trip at Fixed Points, but there were some things that fit better here. Amtrak’s Cascade is the regional service for the Northwest, scheduled between Eugene … Continue reading

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Noodling around with some things on the layout: Lumber Stacks I’m still experimenting with lumber stack analogues. I’ve mentioned that I need stacks of lumber for the mill loading dock, but don’t need detailed models for interior stacks. I bought … Continue reading

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The Stacks

With the input side of the sawmill taken care of, I needed product. Cheney Lumber specialized in building studs, and photos show a lot of them:   I wasn’t going to model nearly that density, but I still needed a … Continue reading

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Raising Crane 6

Attaching the mechanical house to the boom was the last major assembly step. The house has two main support beams where the boom sits, and until I installed the backstays, would be the only attachment point. I used epoxy for … Continue reading

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Raising Crane 5

The crane trolley was the last sub-assembly for the sawmill crane, and I expected it to be the least difficult. There isn’t a very clear image of the the trolley in the crane picture, so the construction is somewhat notional. … Continue reading

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Raising Crane 4

Continuing work on the gantry crane for the sawmill. Here’s a photo of the prototype for reference: I’d gotten to the point of building the boom, and the most complicated fabrication of the model. It’s a truss, but the vertical … Continue reading

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