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Trackwork and Scenery

As the car weathering is winding down, a few more projects on the Northern Pacific Project. Replacing a Turnout The point rails on the interchange turnout had become bent, and it was easier to replace the turnout than try and … Continue reading

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Noodling around with some things on the layout: Lumber Stacks I’m still experimenting with lumber stack analogues. I’ve mentioned that I need stacks of lumber for the mill loading dock, but don’t need detailed models for interior stacks. I bought … Continue reading

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Problem Track

While running a train around after ballasting the ‘sawmill’ side of the layout, a section of track appeared to be dead. The section at the bottom of the image. This was frustrating, because I’d made a point of testing track … Continue reading

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I’ve never ballasted model railroad track. It’s a relatively simple process, and there are any number of how-to articles in print and video. Still, it’s one of those things that has to be done to be appreciated, and a primary … Continue reading

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I See a Railroad and I Want to Paint It Black

The first scenery step for the Northern Pacific was painting the track. There are any number of articles in the hobby press and videos demonstrating how to do this, but they all come down to one basic thing: making everything … Continue reading

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And now for the phase of layout construction I’ve been looking forward to the least, but on the critical path to an operational layout. Live steam and Diesel prime movers are physical impossibilities in N-scale (although in G . . … Continue reading

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Roadbed on model railroads is usually used to provide a substrate to fasten track, contribute to sound control, and to provide a way to shape ballast. It also can be used to provide a height difference between main and siding … Continue reading

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